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Sydney’s 'Daily Telegraph' (1883-1923) is the latest newspaper title to be added to TROVE.

Births, Deaths & Marriages

Begin your research with our online guide.

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

The Library acknowledges and celebrates the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. 

Inclusion Advisory Committee review new test signage

Members of the Inclusion Advisory Committee came into the Library on  27 July 2017 to evaluate new test signage.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

Celebrating Aboriginal language revitalisation with the youngest members of our community.

It’s not all business in the Fairfax Business Archive

The Fairfax Media Business Archive is not only made up of records relating to the business of the company. Fairfax archivists also collected material to add to the archives, items which they considered would contribute to the memory and understanding of the company. 

New Sensitive Collections Policy

Read about the Library's policy that enables people to access their own information whilst ensuring sensitive collections remain protected. 

Motor vehicle accidents problem solver

The new Motor Vehicle Accidents Problem Solver can help people through the complications, pitfalls and hurdles of car insurance.

Cooking for Copyright

On Monday 31 July, librarians across Australia were cooking up delights to celebrate copyright reform.

Was your ancestor a doctor?

The Library holds a significant collection of material related to doctors that could assist you with researching your medical practitioner ancestor. 

Was one of your ancestors a whaler?

Sources include whalers logbooks, photographs, pictures of whaling and whaling stations, records of shipping movements.

How Austen became a household name

The editions that turned Jane Austen from 'little-known' to 'cult status' are now in the Library's collection.

All about Austen online

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen from anywhere with eresources.

Great Managers of John Fairfax Ltd

Of the hundreds of record series that make up the Fairfax Media Business archive perhaps the most important series are the records of the General Managers of  John Fairfax Ltd.

FAR and wide

Growing up in a small, isolated, rural town without access to a library, gallery or museum and later teaching in a similar environment I have long been conscious of the very real disadvantage faced by children in regional communities. FAR Out! was conceived to address this disadvantage and assist primary teachers introducing a new syllabus for History.