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The Find Legal Answers Tool Kit is a collection of up to 20 plain language books held in NSW public libraries which answer everyday questions about the law.

Click here for the full list of Tool Kit books available in NSW public libraries and online. 

Defend yourself: facing a charge in court

A practical guide to defending a criminal charge in court which covers arrest and questioning, bail, dealing with lawyers, court procedure, how to plead, hearings and trials, preparation, evidence, proof, examination in court, sentencing, and appeals.


Guilty Your Honour: representing yourself in NSW local courts when charged with drink driving

A practical guide to defending a drink driving charge. Examines the offence and penalties, whether to plead guilty, whether to get a lawyer, how to prepare for court, and what happens on the day of court.


How to run your own court case

A step-by-step guide to running a non-criminal case in a court or tribunal, with advice on making and defending a claim, collecting evidence, negotiating a settlement, presenting a case and appealing the result. It includes case studies, checklists, and an explanation of legal terms. This guide applies to all types of civil litigation including family law, neighbour disputes, debt claims, tenancy disputes and appealing a government decision.


The family law handbook

The Family law handbook is a practical guide for people undergoing separation and divorce. It includes information on what to do after separating, how to negotiate with your former partner, making arrangements for your children, family violence and abuse, achieving a fair property settlement and what happens at court.