A Town Named War Boy

Excursion Summary

1 hour

Don’t miss this opportunity to see first-hand the WWI soldier’s diaries which inspired playwright Ross Mueller’s A Town Named War Boy. In this interactive virtual excursion students, will have the opportunity to see  examples of the State Library’s extraordinary collection of WWI diaries, then unpack the themes of the play in an interactive drama workshop lead by ATYP’s Learning Team  – all from the comfort of your own classroom!

This FREE virtual excursion is the perfect way to enhance your experience of seeing A Town Named War Boy.

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Curriculum Outcomes

Curriculum links:

Stage 4 - NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum – History

HT4-5 identifies the meaning, purpose and context of historical sources

HT4-6 uses evidence from sources to support historical narratives and explanations

Stage 5 - NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum – History - Making of the Modern World – Core Study – Depth Study 3 Australians at War (World Wars I and II)

HT5-1 explains and assesses the historical forces and factors that shaped the modern world and Australia.

HT5-4 explains and analyses the causes and effects of events and developments in the modern world and Australia

HT5-7 explains different contexts, perspectives and interpretations of the modern world and Australia

HT5-9 applies a range of relevant historical terms and concepts when communicating an understanding of the past

HT5-10 selects and uses appropriate oral, written, visual and digital forms to communicate effectively about the past for different audiences.

Stage 5 Drama - Elements of Drama: Playbuilding, Improvisation

Stage 6 Drama  - Australian Drama and Theatre

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