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Government and rights

Do you have questions about discrimination or human rights? About immigration or freedom of information?


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Commonwealth legislation dealing with immigration, including visas, sponsorship and deportation.

The IPC administers NSW legislation dealing with privacy and access to government information. Find information about accessing government information.
The Commonweath Ombudsman investigates complaints from people who believe they have been treated unfairly by an Australian government agency. Find out about the complaints process.
Find out about funding, elections, enroling, voting, candidates and parties, and past results for NSW State and local government elections.

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The State Library has a wealth of legal information in its collections.  Try searching our various resources to find more.


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Legislation and case law

NSW legislation

Find all NSW legislation, including current and historical Acts, Regulations, Gazettes and Bills. 

NSW caselaw

Find cases from NSW courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court, Local Court, and the Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)


Find legislation and cases from all Australian jurisdictions.

Federal Register of Legislation

Find all Commonwealth legislation, including current and historical Acts, Legislative Instruments, Gazettes and Bills.