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Legal information in community languages

Find information about the law in community languages

You can find information about the law in community languages at:

On the Order a Publication page you can search by topic and language, or search all topics by language. 

Topics you can search are:

  • Aboriginal people
  • Courts, Police and Crime
  • Culturally diverse people
  • Domestic violence
  • Families, Relationships and Children
  • Government and Rights
  • Insurance claims – floods and fires
  • Jobs and Employment
  • Legal Aid NSW
  • Money, Debt and Fines
  • Older people
  • Traffic and Driving
  • Young people

Languages available:

Amharic Farsi Korean Samoan
Arabic French Kurdish Serbian
Bengali Greek Lao Spanish
Bosnian Hazara Macedonian Swahili
Burmese Hindi Mandarin Tagalog
Cantonese Indonesian Nepali Tamil
Chin Hakka Italian Portuguese Thai
Chinese simplified Japanese Pushto Tigrinya
Chinese traditional Juba Arabic Rohingya Tongan
Croatian Karen Russian Turkish
Dari Khmer Sinhalese Urdu
Dinka Kirundi Somali Vietnamese

Not all publications are available in every language. Some publications are also available in Easy English.

Fair Trading NSW

On the Translated publications page you will find resources on a number of topics including scams, property, consumer law, shopping, and mobile phones. You can also browse by language on the Community language information page.

Languages available:

Arabic Filipino Khmer Spanish
Bosnian French Korean Swahili
Burmese Greek Macedonian Thai
Chinese simplified Hindi Nepali Tongan
Chinese traditional Indonesian Portuguese Turkish
Croatian Italian Russian Vietnamese
Dari Japanese Samoan  
Dinka Karen Serbian  

Not all publications are available in every language.

On the Information in your language page you will find information about Centrelink's payments and services.

Languages available:

Amharic German Latvian Slovene
Arabic Greek Macedonian Somali
Assyrian Hazaragi Maltese Spanish
Bengali Hindi Nepali Swahili
Bosnian Hmong Norwegian Swedish
Burmese Hungarian Oromo Tagalog
Chinese Indonesian Pashto Tamil
Chin (Haka) Italian Persian (Farsi) Thai
Croatian Japanese Polish Tibetan
Czech Karen Portuguese Tigrinya
Danish Khmer Punjabi Tongan
Dari Kirundi Rohingya Turkish
Dinka Korean Russian Urdu
Dutch Kurdish (Faili) Samoan Ukrainian
Fijian Kurdish (Kurmanji) Serbian Vietnamese
Finnish Kurdish (Sorani) Sinhalese  
French Lao Slovak  

Money Smart

On the Other languages page you will find information about managing your money and credit.  

Languages available:

Arabic Dinka Kirundi Swahili
Assyrian Farsi - Persian Korean Tamil
Burmese Greek Nepalese Thai
Chin Hakka Hazaragi Nuer Turkish
Chinese Simplified Indonesian Russian Vietnamese
Chinese Traditional Italian Spanish  
Dari Karen Sudanese Arabic  

Gambling Help

On the Help in other languages page you will find fact sheets and sources of help with problem gambling. 

Languages available:

Arabic French Korean Serbian
Bosnian German Lao Spanish
Chinese Simplified Greek Macedonian Tagalog
Chinese Traditional Hindi Maltese Tetum
Croatian Indonesian Persian Thai
Dari  Italian Polish Turkish
Farsi Khmer Portuguese Vietnamese

Australian Tax Office

The Other languages page has information to help people from non-English speaking backgrounds understand tax and superannuation.

Languages available:

Arabic Filipino Korean Tamil
Assyrian Greek Macedonian Thai
Bengali Hazaragi Nepali Turkish
Burmese Hindi Punjabi Urdu 
Chinese Indonesian Russian Vietnamese
Croatian Italian Serbian  
Dari  Japanese Sinhalese  
Dinka Karen Somali  
Farsi Khmer Spanish