Youth Week promotion

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Ideas for Activities

Run the Drug Facts Street Names Quiz in your library.

Make a graffiti art wall on poster paper with facts about drugs, slogans, myths and messages about where to get help.

Hold a scavenger hunt – offer drug fact related questions. When participants answer correctly you can give them a tip on how to find the next clue. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins a prize! Contact for a list of questions and answers.

Use the Know Your Drug Facts Activity Sheet to run a group activity.

Host a games afternoon or night. Use PCs or mobile devices to play The Knowledge Quiz on the Your Room website. Or borrow a copy of the board game The Big Night Out from Drug Info.

Hold your own mini drug and alcohol expo with an info display of Drug Facts booklets, Know Your Standards resin kit and related books.  Create a poster for your event or use the NSW Health Drug Facts booklets covers (print images from the Your Room website).

Don't forget!

Use your Know Your Standards resin kit to run a pouring activity or set up a library display.


Board games and other activities for loan to public libraries

Know Your Limits beer goggle kit
Image of Goggles

Fatal Vision® Simulator Glasses (aka "beer goggles") are specially designed goggles that simulate the impairment caused by alcohol.

The goggles provide the chance to experience how alcohol impairs a person's balance, vision, reaction time, and judgement.

The pack contains 2 pairs of goggles each with a different BAC level. These levels simulate the impairment associated with a particular Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). It also includes a manual with suggested activities and lessonplans.

To request a loan please use the online form. (NSW public libraries only)

Big Night Out Game
Image of Big Night Out Game

Big Night Out is an interactive board game that explores adolescent risk taking and party behaviour. It is an educational resource that encourages safe choices through lively discussion.

This game can be played in an individual or group setting.

To request a loan please use the online form. (NSW public libraries only)


Photos and Social Media


Drug Info will be collecting images of displays and events from libraries across NSW. Post your images to the Drug Info Facebook page or email images to for inclusion on Facebook and Pinterest.

Please note that any images received will be attributed to your library and include a caption of the event. We understand most libraries now have consent to release photos for use in print and social media. When you send your photos you are agreeing to them being used in print and social media (online). If you do not want photos to be used online please do not send them. We look forward to receiving and sharing your photos.

Social Media

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Resources to Order

Standard drinks pocket guide

Image of Standard drinks pocket guide

This business card sized pocket guide features illustrated standard drink measurements for light beer, full strength beer, red/white wine, champagne, spirits (shots and pre-mix) and cider (middy and bottle) as well as tips to keep safe.

Pocket guides are available to order for PDHPE teachers, school libraries, public libraries and other organisations.

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Activity Sheet

Tool Kit