Preparing for Law Week 2018

Law Week is 14-20 May 2018

Law Week is a nationwide initiative to promote community awareness and understanding of the law, the legal system and the legal profession. Courts, legal agencies, solicitors, barristers, police and of course public libraries are all encouraged to get involved. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to promote the Find Legal Answers resources and service to your community.

Law Week 2018 is 14-20 May, so it’s time to start planning now. You can start by getting ideas from past years: events to think about include talks on a range of legal topics, mock courts, a living library, court open days, talks in community languages, plays, debates, and displays. 

Promotional material

LIAC can provide you with promotional material to use at your Law Week events. There are two versions of the promotional packages. You can order:

Showbags. The showbags are medium sized paper bags, and you will also be sent Find Legal Answers promotional material (bookmarks, magnets, flyers) to include in each bag, 


Promotional material only (bookmarks, magnets, flyers). Many libraries prefer not to use the bags, and just need promotional material for display and for clients to take if they want them.  

Orders for promotional material have now closed.

Don't forget to use the pull-up Find Legal Answers banner. Most libraries have been sent a banner, to keep and to use for events such as Law Week. We also have a limited number of extra banners which can be sent out to you on loan. If you would like one, please email Catherine with the date the banner is required and your delivery address.

Ordering free pamphlets and books

If you are planning an event on a particular legal topic, there may be a useful free pamphlet or booklet you can order and give away to your audience. Multiple copies of pamphlets on a variety of legal topics can be ordered directly from the supplier. You should also highlight the relevant titles from the Tool Kit and Law Books for Libraries collections. 


You can find relevant pamphlets at:

  • Find Legal Answers website - look under your topic area
  • Pamphlets page - this has some suggested pamphlets, as well as links to the publications pages of agencies including Legal Aid NSW and NSW Fair Trading 
  • Legal Aid NSW 2018 publications catalogue - find over 160 free resources covering many areas of law including families and relationships; money, debt and fines; employment; courts, police and crime; older people; young people; and traffic and driving

Many pamphlets can be ordered in community languages.

Law Week display at Grafton Library

Law Week display at Grafton Library

Don't forget that some Tool Kit books can also be ordered in multiple copies to give away: 

Available from Legal Aid NSW

  • Fined out: a practical guide for people having problems with fines
  • Speaking for myself: planning for later life decision making 

Available from NSW Fair Trading 

  • Seniors guide to consumer rights in NSW
  • Strata living: get involved

Neighbours and the law

If you're planning an event dealing with neighbours, you can order free copies of the book Neighbours and the law to give away.   

The book is an easy to understand guide to the different areas of law that are involved in neighbourhood issues and disputes. It covers areas that commonly cause problems between neighbours including dividing fences, retaining walls, overhanging branches, animals and noise.

Order Neighbours and the law

Subject resource sheets

Nine subject resource sheets are available:

These sheets show you how to find information on the Find Legal Answers website, highlighting some of the resources available. You can print these out and add them to your showbags or promotional material.

Finding speakers

Many of you have used local solicitors to speak at your events in past years. If the event was successful, it's a good idea to build this relationship by contacting them again.

Your local Legal Aid or Fair Trading NSW office are also great places to contact. Many libraries have worked successfully with these organisations, with staff able to talk on a range of issues of interest to the community. For example, during past Law Weeks Tamworth Library had a temporary stand at the Library's entrance, open for two hours each day. The Library's Tool Kit was displayed, and representatives from Fair Trading, Centacare and Tamworth Legal Aid answered questions from the community. 

Fair Trading works with community groups to deliver free tailored information sessions to consumers. Topics include: Know your shopping rights, be scam aware, buying safe products, buying a car, hiring a tradesperson and renting a home. Fair Trading's community engagement team will work with you to develop an interactive session tailored to your group's size and needs. The information will cater to your specific audience (eg. young people, CALD, seniors, Aboriginal communities, or people with a disability). To find out more and to request a free speaker, email or call 13 32 20 and speak to your local Community Liaison Coordinator. Fair Trading can attend locations throughout NSW.

Legal Aid NSW has offices in 24 locations - find their contact details here.

Your local court may also be interested in holding a Law Week event. Contact them and see if you can organise a joint event.

There are 29 regional law societies in NSW.  You can contact your local law society to see if they would like to partner in an event or provide a speaker. The best person to contact is the President of your local law society - find their details here.

It's important to brief your speaker before the event. Let them know that the Find Legal Answers service is available at the State Library, in public libraries, and online. 

Make sure you show the speaker the Tool Kit and point out any relevant resources. Ask the speaker to refer to the Tool Kit in their talk if they can. Also show the speaker any pamphlets you have ordered. Often lawyers have no idea of the plain language resources available in libraries, and it's a great opportunity to promote them.

Make sure you have a Tool Kit available for the participants to see and use. If it's possible, have the Find Legal Answers website on display. The participants will be able to see the wealth of legal information available in books and online.


IMPORTANT! Don't forget to report your event or activity via our online form.

Report your Law Week event

Promotion on social media

Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media are effective methods of communication. You could use these channels to provide links to useful online resources in order to promote legal information.

Use the following hashtags on Twitter (and Instagram/Tumblr):