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About Find Legal Answers

Find Legal Answers is a free legal information service for the community of NSW

Find Legal Answers provides quality, plain English legal information for the community of NSW. The Find Legal Answers service is co-ordinated by staff of the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) at the State Library of NSW. 

Legal information is provide to the community via:

  • collections in NSW public libraries
  • the Find Legal Answers website
  • partnerships with legal service providers.

You can contact LIAC staff at

If you have a legal information enquiry, you can contact  State Library staff via the Ask a Librarian  service or LawAccess.

How laws are made videos 

LIAC has produced two videos to explain how our laws are made.

How Laws are Made, presented as two 10-minute films: Parliament and Courts, provides an overview of where Australian laws come from and how new laws are made. It is aimed at non-lawyers including public librarians, the education sector and legal assistance agencies.


The law governs our lives from the day we are born to the day we die. So where do our laws come from? This video explains how parliaments make law, explaining the process of a Bill to an Act, how legislation changes over time, why the Commonwealth makes some laws and the states others, and delegated legislation such as regulations. Also available in captioned format.

How laws are made - Parliament


Legislation is a major source of law. Courts are the other source of law. This video explains the court hierarchy, the jurisdiction of courts and tribunals, and how courts can make new law by interpreting legislation, filling gaps in legislation, and developing the common law when there is no legislation. Also available in captioned format.

How laws are made - Courts

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You can visit the State Library of NSW to use our legal resources.  The State Library has a large collection of text books, loose-leaf services, legal encyclopaedias, databases, journals, legislation and court reports.