Finding crime statistics

Want to find out the crime rate in your suburb or town? Doing a school assessment on a crime topic such as assault, theft or drug offences?Close up of parked police motorcycles

You can find NSW crime statistics on the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) website.

There are different types of crime statistics and tools:

  • NSW crime report - every three months BOCSAR publishes a report showing crime trends for all of NSW, plus each region and Local Government Area (LGA)
  • Crime Mapping Tool - you can prepare your own tailored crime report 
  • Excel files and datasets - a collection of crime, court and custody datasets
  • LGA crime trends tool - view trends in an area over a specified time period
  • Crime by premises tool - find where offences are committed
  • LGA ranking tool - compare the rate of crime in an LGA with the rate in all other LGAs in NSW for selected offences     

There are FAQs to help you use the tools, and a helpful introduction to using crime statistics.

There is also a range of publications, including evaluation reports and Crime and justice bulletins.