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National Domestic Violence Order Scheme

All Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs) issued in an Australian state or territory from 25 November 2017 are automatically recognised and enforceable across Australia.

New laws have been introduced nationwide to improve the protection of domestic violence victims. In the past, domestic violence orders (DVOs) only applied in the state or territory in which they were issued or registered. That has now changed. On 25 November 2017, the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme commenced. All DVOs issued from 25 November 2017 are now automatically nationally recognised and enforceable.

If you have a current DVO that was issued prior to 25 November 2017 it can become nationally recognised by applying to a court. Local courts across Australia can amend a nationally recognised DVO regardless of where it was issued. Local police will still enforce the conditions of all DVOs issued in their state or territory, regardless of when they were issued. Existing state and territory laws protecting victims and affected family members from domestic violence have not changed.

Find more information, including a video and brochures in community languages, from the  Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department.