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Defend yourself: facing a charge in court

Defend yourself: facing a charge in court

Defend yourself: facing a charge in court.  3rd ed Cover

by Tim Anderson.
3rd edition, The Federation Press, 2014.

A practical guide to defending a criminal charge in court which covers arrest and questioning, bail, dealing with lawyers, court procedure, how to plead, hearings and trials, preparation, evidence, proof, examination in court, sentencing, and appeals.

About the author

Tim Anderson is a writer and academic in political economy. He has been through every stage of the criminal system and successfully represented himself in court several times.



Chapter six


This section deals with considerations on self-representation and some practical matters.

Chapter seven

Court procedure

This section discusses putting things on the record, court appearances and court protocol.

Chapter eight


This section deals with what to consider before making a plea, when to plead guilty and when to plead not guilty.

Chapter nine

Hearings and trials

This section describes the basic processes of hearings, committals and trials.

Chapter ten


There is some very important basic research and preparation required for a court case. I suggest you consider all these points, which are collect evidence rapidly, obtain charge details, research the law, consider your defences, investigate the prosecution case, use subpoenas and apply to have the charges dropped.


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