Further information

Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA)
The RCOA website ‘Resources’ section has information such as research reports, submissions and links to Australian and International organisations. Also, the RCOA’s monthly bulletins contain the latest information on developments in refugee and asylum, new research and publications, coming events, opportunities and a summary of refugee issues in the media.

Refugee Advice and Casework Service [Australia] Inc
For people who face persecution in their own countries and seek asylum and protection in Australia. Website has factsheets and publications available.
Tel (02) 9114 1888 (for advice) or 9114 1600 (for appointment)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
A website with a vast range of resources including:

  • Global Report and Global Appeal – two flagship annual publications which provide an overview of UNHCR’s worldwide operations and issues faced by populations of concern.
  • Global Trends – an annual publication which reviews statistical trends and patterns and major humanitarian developments amongst populations of concern to UNHCR, including refugees, returnees, stateless persons and certain IDPs.
  • Asylum Levels and Trends in Industrialised Countries – an annual statistical overview.
  • Projected Global Resettlement Needs – an annual publication which gives an overview of UNHCR resettlement achievements, operational challenges and strategic directions for the coming year.
  • UNCHR Statistical Yearbooks – follow major trends in displacement, protection and solutions.
  • UNHCR Statistical Online Population Database – an online statistical tool that allows users to browse, search, analyse and compare standardised data on populations of concern to UNHCR, including refugees, asylum seekers, returned refugees, IDPs and returned IDPs and stateless persons, at country, regional, and global levels.

UNHCR - Refworld
Access to a vast collection of information to support country of origin research and refugee status decisions. Information is selected and compiled from a wide range of sources, including UNHCR’s global network of field offices, governments, international, regional and non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and judicial bodies. Includes court transcripts and judgments in landmark cases.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)
Fact sheets on migration-related issues;

  • Annual reports which provide details of program operations and include statistics on both the onshore refugee program and offshore resettlement program.
  • Settlement Reporting Database – an online statistical tool allows users to search, analyse and compare statistics on permanent arrivals to Australia.
  • Statistical publications including Immigration Update, Emigration, Settler Arrivals, and Population Flows.

Migration Review Tribunal - Refugee Review Tribunal
The Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) provides an independent and final merits review of decisions made in relation to Protection Visas.

The RRT’s Country Advice service provides Tribunal Members with country of origin information to assist them to undertake reviews. A selection of this research is made available on the Migration Review - Refugee Review Tribunal’s website for the information of visa applicants, migration advisers and the public./p>

The RRT is required to publish decisions that are considered to be of ‘particular interest’. The Tribunal aims to publish a broad cross-section of decisions representing up to 40 per cent of decisions made. The full text of selected Refugee Review Tribunal decisions are available on the AustLII website.

Australian Human Rights Commission
The Australian Human Rights Commission is responsible for promoting and encouraging protection of human rights in Australia. The human rights section has resources on Immigration, asylum seekers and refugees.

Parliament of Australia - Parliamentary Library
The Parliamentary Library provides access to a range of publications on refugee and asylum issues.

Refugee Stories and Voices - SBS (Special Broadcasting Services)
How Far We’ve Come
This website explores the lives of refugees in Australia over time. It includes stories of refugees first interviewed by SBS up to 25 years ago, to find out what has happened in their lives since.

Rethink Refugees - Amnesty International
This website, developed by Amnesty International, includes personal stories of refugees who sought asylum or were resettled in Australia. The website also includes a section on facts about asylum seekers and refugees and a digest of recent media coverage on refugee issues.

Refugees’ Australian Stories
This multimedia project, developed by Researchers for Asylum Seekers, uses images and the spoken and written word to tell the stories of refugees who have made Australia their home.

Médecins Sans Frontières Refugee Testimonials
This website includes testimonials and stories from refugees assisted by Médecins Sans Frontières. The site also includes background information about refugees and internally displaced persons.