Hot Topics 83: Consumer law

Hot Topics 83: Consumer law

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This Hot Topics looks at the new national consumer legislation, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), which provides new laws relating to product safety, unfair contract terms, national consumer guarantees, door-to-door sales, lay-by agreements and information standards for services as well as products.

This online publication is a condensed version of the printed Hot Topics No 83: Consumer law. The full printed publication is available in all NSW public libraries.

About the authors

This Hot Topics has been developed by the Legal Information Access Centre with the cooperation and contribution of the following agencies: the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, NSW Fair Trading, the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal and the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Additional detail has been drawn from Commonwealth Treasury publications - The Australian consumer law: guide to provisions and the Australian consumer law: an introduction.

Additional commentary provided by Mr John McGrath, Associate Lecturer, School of Law, University of Western Sydney.


Chapter one


Australian Consumer Law (ACL) - general protections - specific protections - other NSW consumer legislation.

Chapter two

Unfair business practices

Misleading and deceptive practices - unconscionable conduct - false and misleading representations - country of origin labelling - information standards.

Chapter three


About contracts - contracts with minors - unfair contract terms.

Chapter four

Consumer guarantees and warranties

Consumer guarantees - refund, repair or replacement - warranties.

Chapter five

Sales practices

Unsolicited supplies - door-to-door sales - pyramid schemes - pricing - lay-by agreements - referral selling - harassment and coercion.


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