Renting and employment

Experiencing domestic violence can impact on every aspect of life and it is common to have many legal issues as a result.

Domestic violence and renting

If a person is renting and experiencing domestic violence there are a number of options available to make them safer in their home. It is important that they seek advice from a lawyer or from their local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service as the options will depend on the type of tenant they are and the type of Residential Tenancy Agreement they have.

Domestic violence and employment

Domestic violence and employment do not operate in mutually exclusive domains. Approximately two-thirds of women affected by violence in Australia are in paid employment. A 2011 survey of Australian workers found that 30% of the respondents had experienced domestic violence and 19% of respondents to the 2011 National Domestic Violence and the Workplace Survey who had experienced violence, said that the violence continued in the workplace in the form of abusive phone calls, texts and emails, or the perpetrator coming to the workplace.