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Art around the Library

Excursion Summary

1 hour

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Inspire your inner artist! Dive in and discover the stories behind some extraordinary pictures held in the State Library’s collection and then create your own artwork in a step-by-step guided interactive workshop. These one hour videoconference sessions are presented by an experienced visual art educator and offer a fully interactive experience covering drawing, painting, collage and modelling techniques designed to build observational and art-making skills. Enjoy one session or sign up for the series!

  1. Painting and Collage inspired by AnnPiper and her Children 1826, Augustus Earle
  2. Painting inspired by Pyrmont Expressway 1954, Margaret Ackland
  3. Portraiture inspired by Captain James Cook 1780-1784, Nathaniel Dance
  4. Perspective Drawing inspired by The Sailors Return Hotel 1902?, Sydney Long
  5. Sculpture - clay modelling inspired by Goldminer 1861, James Anderson
  6. Miniature Portrait - inspired by painting Count John Louis de Marquet, 1770, artist unknown

More details on each of the activities presented via video conference  are available here.

Curriculum Outcomes

Curriculum links:
Stage 2 – Visual Arts
VAS2.1 represents the qualities of experiences and things that are interesting or beautiful by choosing amongst aspects of subject matter
VAS2.2 uses the forms to suggest the qualities of subject matter
VAS2.3 acknowledges that artists make artworks for different reasons and that various interpretations are possible.
VAS2.4 identifies connections between subject matter in artworks and what they refer to, and appreciates the use of particular techniques.

Stage 3 – Visual Arts
VAS3.1 investigates subject matter in an attempt to represent likenesses of things in the world.
VAS3.2 makes artworks for different audiences assembling materials in a variety of ways.
VAS3.3 acknowledges that audiences respond in different ways to artworks and that there are different opinions about the value of artworks.
VAS3.4 communicates about the ways in which subject matter is represented in artworks.

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