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Temperance Society Pamphlet

Stimulus #1: 
The Five Stages of Inebriation: Charles Percy Pickering (between 1863-1868)

Student activities

Task no. 1

Temperance Society Pamphlet

Imagine that The Five Stages of Inebriation are to be printed in a temperance society pamphlet. This pamphlet will be distributed to schools and colleges attended by young adult men and women. Your task is to write a caption that will explain each of the FIVE photographs that are to feature in the pamphlet. The purpose of the pamphlet is to persuade young adults not to drink alcohol, by using fear of the consequences to persuade readers to change their attitudes and behaviours.

This activity could be completed individually, in pairs or in groups

Before you begin

  • Write a sentence describing the stage depicted in each of the five photographs.
  • Identify what the Temperance League believes are the undesirable consequences of drinking alcohol.
  • What other negative consequences of alcohol consumption could have been depicted in the photographs? Imagine you could add a sixth photograph. What would it depict?