Cemetery site study

Student activities

Task no. 1

A visit to your local cemetery

  1. Visit a local cemetery with your class, your parents or friends. Look carefully at the head stones and pay close attention to details of the lives of people like those in Sources 1 and 2.
  2. Bring a pen, paper and a digital camera with you to record your research findings.

Work in a group or with a partner to locate, identify and record the grave of:

  • A woman who died young
  • A woman who died in old age
  • A young child
  • A baby
  • A man who died young
  • A man who died in old age
  • A prominent member of the community, e.g. the mayor
  • An early settler
  • A person who died from a natural disaster, e.g. bushfire, flood
  • A person who died from an accident
  • A person who was born overseas
  • A person whose religion is mentioned
  • A person whose occupation is mentioned
  1. When you return to school, review the information you have gathered.
  2. Work with your partner or group to design a promotional brochure or poster that would interest people in going on a tour of the cemetery you visited. Your brochure can promote:
  • A Heritage Tour of the cemetery or
  • A Ghost Tour of the cemetery

             6. Make sure you mention interesting details about the people you discovered in your research.
             7. Use the collection items below and your digital photos to illustrate your brochure.

Italiano Monument at Rookwood, 2/4/1945
View collection item detail
Mr Miller's grave, Randwick cemetery, 26/10/1936
View collection item detail
[Photographs of Henry Lawson's funeral, Waverley Cemetery, 1922 and various residences], September 1922
View collection item detail
Volume 2: Album of artwork by James Wallis, assembled by his widow, Mary Ann Wallis, 1821-1866
View collection item detail
Mayfield Church of England; old church and cemetery, 8/10/1955
View collection item detail
[Windsor, N.S.W.], ca. 1900-1927
View collection item detail