Online puzzles: Stories in the Sun

Stories in the Sun is a collection of  illustrations from some of the most well-loved and iconic Australian picture books in the Library's collection. 

Explore some of these amazing illustrations in our online puzzles and read the captions written by our young friends.

Illustration from Tram to Bondi Beach

The Tram to Bondi Beach

1981, written by Elizabeth Hathorn; illustrated by Julie Vivas

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Young Kieran works as a paperboy on the busy trams travelling to Bondi Beach.

Julie Vivas’ subdued watercolours convey the feel of old hand-coloured photographs and the bygone era of 1930s Bondi.

A caption written by a student about the Tram to Bondi Beach

Illustration from One Woolly Wombat

One Woolly Wombat

1982, written by Rod Trinca & Kerry Argent; illustrated by Rod Trinca

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This counting book was one of the first in this era to popularise and celebrate a whole range of Australian animals in children’s books.

What can you see the four thumping kangaroos, five pesky platypus, and eight spiky echidnas doing in these illustrations?

A caption written by a school student about One Woolly Wombat

An illustration from Murgatroyd's Garden

Murgatroyd’s Garden

1986, written by Judy Saves; illustrated by Zak Drahos

Start Murgatroyd’s Garden puzzle

Murgatroyd hates having his hair washed more than anything! After weeks and weeks of not washing his hair, amazing things start to happen, and people come from all over the world to see.


An Illustration from Jonah and the Manly Ferry

Jonah and the Manly Ferry

1983, by Peter Gouldthorpe

Start Jonah and the Manly Ferry puzzle

Jonah loves Sydney Harbour and dreams of being a captain on the ferries. While riding on the Manly ferry during stormy weather he notices something in the water and thinks quickly to save the day.

Peter Gouldthorpe’s watercolour and linocut techniques capture the shimmering and colourful harbour in all its splendour.

A caption written by a school student about children's book 'Jonah and the Manly Ferry'

An illustration from The Imaginary Menagerie

The Imaginary Menagerie

1984, written by Hazel Edwards; illustrated by Rod Clement

Start The Imaginary Menagerie puzzle

At night a little girl lies in bed and thinks about all the creatures in her imaginary menagerie that keep her safe after dark — including an assortment of Australian birds like her dive-bombing drongo and laughing kookaburra.

This was the first children’s book illustrated by Rod Clement.

A caption written by a school student about the children's book 'The Imaginary Menagerie'

An illustration from The Wild

The Wild

1986, Bob Graham

Start The Wild puzzle

When young Russell discovers his pet rabbit and frog have escaped, his family set off on an adventure to find them again. The Wild gently presents readers with ideas of freedom, love and loss.

A caption written by a school student about The Wild