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Lifelong learners

Discover an exciting range of courses, talks and workshops designed for learners of any age and stage of learning.

What's On for Lifelong Learners

Family history librarians will show you how to get started and where to look for the key documents to start your journey.

Children's author Sue Whiting

How do you make a picture book text shine? What are the essential elements for success?


Are your cherished family memories stored on standard 8, super 8 or 16 mm film reels?

wooden box containing glass medicine bottles

Take a medical history tour of Sydney from Aboriginal Australia through to the early twentieth century.

A woman viewing oil paintings through a black frame

This workshop focuses on analysing the materials that make up oil paintings .

A woman looking at a photograph mounted in a frame

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the backrooms and stacks of the State Library?


The history of a house can reveal a wealth of information about the building and the lives of the people who lived in it.