Family, relationships and children

What happens when your relationship ends, or if you're suffering abuse or violence? What rights do children and young people have - their care, school, with the police?


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This book written by the Women's Legal Service covers separation, divorce, children, domestic violence, AVOs, property settlement, court orders, and child support.


Commonwealth legislation dealing with family law, including divorce, children and property.


A community legal service that is dedicated to helping children and young people in Australia and their supporters to find a legal solution to their problems.


This looseleaf service has detailed information on topics including the Family Law Act, the Family Court, divorce, children, and maintenance. It is also available online in the State Library.

Legislation and case law

NSW legislation

Find all NSW legislation, including current and historical Acts, Regulations, Gazettes and Bills. 

NSW caselaw

Find cases from NSW courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court, Local Court, and the Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)


Find legislation and cases from all Australian jurisdictions.

Federal Register of Legislation

Find all Commonwealth legislation, including current and historical Acts, Legislative Instruments, Gazettes and Bills.