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Australian Centre for Disability Law

The Australian Centre for Disability Law is a state-wide, specialist community legal centre. They specialise in the legal rights of people with disability who experience discrimination on the basis of their disability.

Their services include providing legal advice, legal representation including representing clients during proceedings in the Australian Human Rights Commission or Anti Discrimination NSW, assisting with referrals, delivery of Community Legal Education, and law reform. 

Australian Centre for Disability Law

If you are within NSW, you can get free legal advice on disability discrimination. 

You can call the Centre (02) 9370 3135 or 1800 800 708:

  • Mondays to Wednesdays - call between 9.30am and 12.30pm
  • Thursdays - call between 1.30pm and 4.30pm.

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COVID-19 Assistance Project

The COVID-19 Assistance Project provides free legal assistance to people with disability and their associates who have experienced legal problems due to COVID-19 restrictions.

People with disability may be subject to a range of legal issues including discrimination on the basis of their disability,  employment related issues, accessing services and buildings, domestic/family violence and exploitation, interaction with the police due to violence at their home, fines, consumer complaints and victims compensation.  

This service has an emphasis on hard-to-reach communities in both residential and institutional settings, and students. It is a free service.

COVID-19 Assistance Project