Financial Rights Legal Centre

The Financial Rights Legal Centre is a community legal centre specialising in financial services, particularly in the areas of consumer credit, banking, debt recovery and insurance. It is the only such Centre in NSW, and one of the only centres in Australia that fully integrates telephone assistance and financial counselling with legal advice and representation. Financial Rights also operates the Insurance Law Service, a national specialist consumer insurance advice service, Mob Strong Debt Help, and the Credit & Debt Legal Advice Line. Words 'Financial Rights Legal Centre" on a white background

The Financial Rights Legal Centre website has recently been updated, so all their helpful tools and resources are in one place. 

Fact sheets

There are over 50 legal information fact sheets on the site, covering a wide range of topics including mortgage stress, insurance, and loans. These are written in plain language.

Motor vehicle accident problem solver

The motor vehicle accident problem solver is a tool that helps you to know your rights and what steps to take after a car accident.

Debt problem solver

Whether you have been scammed, need help with a debt, want to access your credit report or are just struggling with cost of living increases, this interactive tool can get you started and give you tips on what you can do.

The debt problem solver makes it easy to print or share the tailored legal information you will receive after answering a few simple questions. The free tool does not record or store any of your personal data, and you can use it as many times as you like. The tool will give you tips on how to raise a dispute or gather more information. There are links to dispute services and organisations where you can get free information and advice.

Mob Strong Debt Help

Mob Strong Debt Help is a free nationwide legal advice and financial counselling service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Mob Strong now has a dedicated section of the Financial Rights website with culturally appropriate graphics and content designed for First Nations consumers.

There is tailored content about energy and water, phone and internet, money problems, debt, funeral products, car problems, housing, and superannuation and insurance.

Financial Stress

If you are struggling to pay the bills or already behind with your loans, you are not alone. Financial Rights specialises in helping people in financial stress. You can find fact sheets and sample letters with options to manage your debts. 

Financial Abuse

If you have been forced into taking loans you don’t need or can’t afford, Financial Rights can help you with problems caused by financial abuse. Even where there are joint loans or debts in your name that were taken out as a result of economic abuse or without your knowledge, you still have options. 

Insurance Law

Insurance can help Australians get back on their feet after extreme weather events, accidents, crime, illness or the death of a loved one. Find information to help when things go wrong. 

Extreme Weather

Have you suffered damage to your home, contents or motor vehicles after an extreme weather event? Whether you have been affected by a cyclone, bushfire, hailstorm, earthquake or flood, Financial Rights has information that can assist with insurance questions and related disputes.