Finding help after floods

Help is available to flood victims as they recover from the recent devastating floods.Brown water

The Disaster Response Legal Service NSW can help you with everyday legal problems including insurance claims and disputes, financial hardship, tenancy and Centrelink.

Call them on 1800 801 529 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. 

Disaster Response Legal Service NSW How they can help Read more

The Financial Rights Legal Centre is a community legal centre specialising in insurance and financial services. They can assist people impacted by natural disasters, including COVID 19, bushfire, hail, storm and drought.

If you've lost property including your home, car or business because of the NSW floods, you can access free, confidential legal help from specialised insurance, credit and debt lawyers and financial counsellors.

The Financial Rights Insurance Law Service also provides a range of resources to help people navigate through common insurance issues and problems relating to floods, storms and other natural disasters including:

  • Flood Insurance Guide. It can be hard to know how to start an insurance claim for flood damage to your home, car or other property. The Flood Insurance Guide provides 10 key steps you should take. This includes how to make a claim, assessing damage and gathering evidence, common problems like underinsurance, accessing emergency accommodation, and managing claims and disputes.
  • Storm Insurance Guide. Most policies cover you for damage caused by “storm” “rainwater” and “run-off” but it can depend on how these words are defined in your policy. The Storm Insurance Guide explains what storm insurance is and what it covers. If your insurer determines your property was damaged by both rainwater and floodwater, they might reject your claim. You might also face difficulties dealing with assessors, experts or other service providers. If this happens, contact the Insurance Law Service for free legal advice.
  • Fallen Trees Factsheet. Liability for fallen trees is a common problem. Does an insurer pay for the removal of a fallen tree or damage it has caused to your property? What happens if a tree on your property has fallen and damaged your neighbour’s property? Whether your insurance covers fallen trees depends on the wording of your policy. The Fallen Trees Factsheet gives you all the answers to common problems.

For insurance related issues, call 1300 663 464 or go to the Insurance Law Service website.

Contact the Credit & Debt Legal Advice Line 1800 844 949 or go to the  Financial Rights Legal Centre website.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people can call Mob Strong Debt Help on 1800 808 488. 

Service NSW

Go to the Storms and floods customer care service to find assistance for areas affected by severe storms and floods in NSW.

Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment

The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) is a lump sum payment to help you if a declared disaster significantly affects you.