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Legal help for people with an intellectual disability

The NSW Government has given the Ability Rights Centre (ARC) funding to provide legal help to people with a cognitive disability about problems related to COVID-19.

The ARC can help with questions such as:

Other people at my workplace are back at work again after COVID-19, but the boss said there is no job for me now? It is not fair. What can be done?

Centrelink say I have to pay back some money. I do not know why. What can be done?

My NDIS package says I am being charged for services I did not receive because of COVID-19. What can be done?

Contact the ARC for legal help on (02) 9265 6350 (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Information and help from the Intellectual Disability Rights Service

The ARC is part of the Intellectual Disability Rights Service (IDRS), a free service for people with cognitive impairment across NSW. You do not need an NDIS package to access the service.

IDRS provides help with legal problems, support persons at police stations and courts, advocacy, support to appeal decisions of the National Disability Insurance Agency, rights education for people with cognitive impairment, and support and assistance for parents with intellectual disability at risk of losing care of their children.

A range of fact sheets with basic information around common issues that are faced by people with intellectual disability is available. There are also videos and easy to read fact sheets, including information about COVID-19.

Fact sheets Videos Easy to read fact sheets Easy to read fact sheets about COVID-19

Justice Advocacy Service

IDRS also runs the Justice Advocacy Service (JAS). JAS supports young people and adults with cognitive impairment in contact with the NSW criminal justice system, including as victims, witnesses and suspects/defendants to exercise their rights and fully participate in the process.

Contact JAS on 9265 6300 or 1300 665 908 (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday).