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Restitution - new topic from LawAccess NSW

If someone is convicted of a relevant offence in NSW that caused injury to a victim, they may have to pay restitution. Restitution is when Victims Services takes action against someone to recover the financial support and/or recognition payment paid to the victim or their family members.Words need legal help? on blue background

LawAccess NSW has expanded the topics in the Representing Yourself section of their website to include a new topic about Restitution. Representing Yourself is a section of the website designed to help people who are dealing with legal problems in NSW without a lawyer, by providing practical, plain language information on specific areas of law and the legal process. 

The Restitution topic is for people who have received an order for restitution from Victims Services or an overdue fine notice from Revenue NSW.

The topic has information about:

  • What is restitution
  • Responding to an order for restitution
  • Existing payment arrangement with Victims Services
  • Responding to an Overdue fine from Revenue NSW
  • Bankruptcy
  • Who's who at NCAT
  • Forms
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

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