indyreads promotional material

words indyreads and image of book pages

The State Library of NSW provides public libraries with material to help you promote indyreads to your library users. These are all available free of charge.

Media release

FileMedia release

Bookmarks and banner

Once your library has been configured, your staff has been trained and you are ready to go live, please use the online order form to order banners and bookmarks.  

Use the indyreads pull up banner in the library or at special events.

Order online


Print and display the indyreads poster.


Digital signageTwo rows of book covers

Digital signage you can use on your library's information screens.

Powerpoint sign featuring multiple covers - landscape

Powerpoint sign featuring one cover - landscape

JPG sign - landscape

JPG sign - portrait

Indyreads logo zip file - find a selection of logos to use on your website or other promotional material

Social media

Check the indyreads social media page for suggested posts and images.