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Case study: Cooma and Finley

Drug and alcohol awareness sessions for high school students


Drug and alcohol display

Cooma Library

Cooma Library hosted the hub in May 2018.

Staff at Cooma Library chose a space close to the entrance of their library to set up the interactive display panels to create a focal point within their library for their drug and alcohol information display. The display included a large table filled with pamphlets, pens, booklets, standard pocket cards, books, mocktail postcards and books from the Drug Info collection. A Drug Info pop-up banner was positioned next to the table and the interactive hub panels were placed directly opposite.

Cooma Library staff liaised with local high schools to host several sessions for student groups at the library. Library staff organised a combined Law Week and Drug Info session for the school group. The sessions commenced with a talk about legal and drug and alcohol information. Following on from the talk the classes were split into groups to experience different activities including beer goggle activities, completing the Drug Facts activity sheet, using the Your Room quiz on the interactive panels, and mocktail making.

Library staff reported that the students found their sessions very informative, and the concept of doing hands-on activities were very well received by students. Showbags were distributed to the students to taken back to school for further discussion and learning.

Finley Library

Drug and alcohol display

Finley Library, a branch of Berrigan Shire Libraries, hosted the Drug & Alcohol Info Hub in July 2018.

The hub was located in a prominent position  in the main area of the Finley Library,  opposite the main desk.

Library staff extended an invitation to the local high school to participate in the program. This was taken up and organised by the school who organised four groups of students per day to participate over three days.

This enabled 195 students from Year 7 to Year 12 to experience and learn the benefits of the Drug and Alcohol Hub.

Each class was split into four groups per session. Each group focused on a different activity:

  • making mocktails with library staff
  • researching the Internet for answers to written questions
  • experiencing the beer goggles by trying to play catch / quoits / collect money and give correct change while wearing beer goggles
  • interacting with the iPad on the display panels.

Each group was given a timeframe to complete their experience and then the groups were rotated to allow each student to experience each activity.

As the sessions were held during the limited time allocated for a normal lesson period library staff ensured that the students were aware that they could visit the library in their own time to extend the hub session. Students were also provided with showbags containing information sheets, show bags, postcards, mocktail recipes, Know Your Standards and pens to take back to school.