Hot Topics collection

The Hot Topics series deals with recent changes and current debates in the law

Hot Topics is a plain language series published by LIAC about recent changes and current debates in the law. Written by legal experts, all issues include case studies and sources of further information. Older issues of Hot Topics are still useful sources of information, particularly for students, as they contain overviews of the law at a particular time.

Hot Topics are no longer published in hard copy. The last hard copy issue was published in 2013.  

Public libraries have hard copies of the Hot Topics titles published before 2014. The LIAC contact ensures that any title not listed is removed from their collection and that any missing issues are replaced. 

Current list of Hot Topics

Following is the current list of Hot Topics available in hard copy. Anything not listed here is out of date and should be discarded. Email Catherine to replace any missing issues.

Note that this is a list of the hard copy issues only. Some issues are available online only. For more information about Hot Topics, including access to online issues, go to the Hot Topics page.

These hard copy editions are current as at the date of publication. Issues are removed when there have been substantial changes to the law. Although some of the titles listed below were published a while ago, they still contain useful background information, particularly for students.

  • 87: Domestic violence, 2013
  • 86: First Australians, 2013
  • 85: Human rights, 2013
  • 83: Consumer law, 2012
  • 82: Families, 2012
  • 80: International humanitarian law, 2012
  • 79: Australian legal system, 2011
  • 74: Animal law, 2010 
  • 72: Consumer credit, 2010 
  • 69: International law, 2009
  • 68: Indigenous peoples, 2009