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Law Books for Libraries collections

Information about the Law Books for Libraries core collection and recommended list

The Law Books for Libraries collections contain more complex resources, including legal textbooks that are used by law students and lawyers.

There are two Law Books for Libraries collections:

  • the core collection (approximately 28 resources) which all LIAC libraries have agreed to purchase
  • the recommended list (a list of approximately 25 resources) which libraries can choose to purchase

Like the Find Legal Answers Tool Kit, the Law Books for Libraries collections are updated twice a year. The LIAC contact receives notification either by email or post that the collections need to be updated. They then need to obtain any new titles or editions, and remove and discard any out of date titles.

The core list

All LIAC libraries must have one set of the core list books. It is the responsibility of each library to order and pay for these books (order directly from the publisher or through your usual library supplier).

One set of these books should be kept in your central library (either for loan or reference).

Purchasing this list of titles is optional (order directly from the publisher or through your library supplier). This list is made available for libraries who want a more extensive collection of legal materials.

Withdrawn titles

Books no longer in the Law Books for Libraries collections. Check this list in conjuction with the current lists of titles to ensure your collections are up to date.