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Library Q&A:

Can I request a book if it's checked out to someone else?

Yes, you can request a book that's checked out in the catalogue. We will check the book out to you when it becomes available.​

See Using the Library's collections for more information.

How much does it cost to photocopy?

Prices for photocopying your own or Library material range from $0.20 to $3.

Library material that’s too fragile or large will need to be copied by staff. Prices range from $1 to $3.

Reduced prices apply if you use double-sided printing.

See printing and copying for more information.

The book's location is listed as offsite storage. What does this mean?

We also keep books and other collection material in storage that's not located at the Library. In the catalogue we’ve listed the location as offsite storage for material not stored at the Library.

See Using the Library's collections for more information about requesting offsite material.

I would like to view some manuscripts. Are you able to set them aside for me?

Yes, complete the Access to collections request form to request the manuscripts you would like to view. We will get back to you within 4 working days.

Do you offer scanning services?

We don't currently offer self-service scanning but we can scan some Library material, for you. You can place an order for us to scan articles, chapters from books and fragile material.  See ordering copies for more information including pricing.

You can use your own hand-held scanner to scan Library material. Speak to staff before you scan Library material. Scanners are not allowed in the Special Collections area.



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