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School resources

A range of resources is available to support Legal Studies students and teachers.

The HSC Legal Studies research guide brings together the essential resources for studying Preliminary and HSC Legal Studies into one place. It lists resources that will help you find relevant legislation, cases, journal articles, research papers and media reports that you can use to support your research.

Get a State Library card so you can access the online databases recommended in the research guide.

The Law handbook: your practical guide to the law in NSW 

Find information on all areas of the law relevant to NSW, including the legal system, Aboriginal people and the law, criminal law, dispute resolution, domestic violence, and drug offences. All 40 chapters of the Law handbook are available online.

Hot Topics 

Hot Topics is a plain language series about the law, written by legal experts. The following issues are available:

  • Domestic violence. Looks at the prevalence of domestic violence and the legal framework that deals with offenders and victims, including AVOs.
  • Courts and tribunals. An overview of Australia's court system, federal and state, and how it fits within the legal system. 
  • Voting and elections. Explains the key features of our electoral laws, who can vote, who can stand for election, and how votes are counted.
  • You and your lawyer. Find out about the role of lawyers, how to work with a lawyer, lawyers' duties, ethics, costs and complaints.
  • Australian legal system. An overview of the Australian legal system, covering how law is made, what the law deals with and the roles of the legislature, judiciary and executive.  

Choose a topic on the Find Legal Answers website and follow the links to find legal information.