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Michael Riley

Michael Riley, Wiradjuri + Kamilaroi, (1960–2004)


A Common Place displays 15 dramatic portraits of Moree Murries taken by Michael Riley, one of Australia’s leading Indigenous contemporary artists.

In 1990, returning to his home town in country NSW, Michael established an outdoor studio and friends, family and community members could opt in to be photographed. The resulting images challenge the relationship between photographer and photographed.

Ten smaller silver gelatine prints were acquired by the Library in 1993 from the Boomalai Art Collective – printed and signed by Michael, they are distinct from the larger prints presented at the Moree Art Gallery. In 2016 the Library acquired five images as archival prints to complete the set.



Jag by Matthew Riley
Jag by Michael Riley
Jim by Matthew Riley
Jim by Michael Riley
Kenny Copeland by Matthew Riley
Kenny Copeland by Michael Riley
Mary Stanley by Matthew Riley
Mary Stanley by Michael Riley
Michael and Jacko French by Matthew Riley
Michael and Jack French by Michael Riley
Moree women by Matthew Riley
Moree women by Michael Riley
Mr and Mrs Lyall Munro by Matthew Riley
Mr and Mrs Lyall Munro by Michael Riley
Nanny Weight and Dog
Nanny Wright and dog by Michael Riley
Phyllis Draper by Matthew Riley
Phyllis Draper by Michael Riley
The drifter and the crow by Matthew Riley
The drifter and the crow by Michael Riley
Aunty Ruthie by Michael Riley
Glenn and son by Michael Riley
Jessie and Grandkids by Michael Riley
Moree kids by Michael Riley
Mum Maude by Michael Riley