The condition report

Landlords and agents are required to provide you with a condition report for the premises at or before the time you sign the residential tenancy agreement. The condition report you receive notes the condition of premises as the landlord or agent sees it; you must then record on the report your own notes as to the condition of the premises and return a copy of the completed report to the agent and keep a copy for yourself. Completing the condition report is a good early way of identifying defects that the landlord should repair, and will be useful evidence in the event of a dispute about damage at the end of your tenancy.


Some landlords and agents complete their condition reports from the comfort of their desks, so their notes may bear little relation to reality. Be sure to complete the report on the basis of your own close observations. Consider also making a photographic record of the condition of the premises to keep in your files – this is best done before you move your furniture in.