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Legal issues for young people

What do you need to do if you crash your car? What legal rights do young people have? What happens if you don’t pay a fine? Do you have to show ID to police? 

Fines, debt and money

Are you in debt, considering bankruptcy or does someone owe you money? Do you have unpaid fines?

Cars and driving

Need to know about buying a car, or traffic offences? Have you been booked for something and have to pay a fine?

Work and employment

Do you have questions about your pay, or what your entitlements are? Have you been unfairly dismissed?

Police and crime

Do you have to go to court? Have you been the victim of a crime? Find information about police powers, and how to defend yourself when charged with a crime.

Getting help

Need legal advice, support or guidance? Check out these helpful resources and services.

Read more about the law

The law handbook: your practical guide to the law in NSW

The Law handbook provides a practical guide to legal issues which affect people in their everyday lives.


Tenants' rights manual: a practical guide to renting in NSW

This practical and easy to use book clearly explains tenants' legal rights and obligations.    


Fined out

A practical guide to the NSW fines system. 

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Books online

The Find Legal Answers Tool Kit is a collection of nineteen plain language books which answer everyday questions about the law. The Tool Kit is available online and held in NSW public libraries,